Newlyweds kissing in front of altar.

100 Love Quotes That Come From The Heart

by Editor

Love is often hard to describe with words alone. Fortunately, from the work of notable authors, poets, and philosophers, we were able to unearth quite a few incredible love quotes that should help you communicate your true feelings.

Love is one of the most cherished ideas of Western society — after all, don’t the majority of songs we hear, movies we watch, and books we read tell some kind of love story?

Indeed, love comes in many forms: love shared between sweethearts, love you have for your friends, love for God or nature, familial love, the love you express to the world at large, and even the love you have for yourself.

And with that comes many different ways to express your love, be it romantic, cute, cheesy, or agonizing. But don’t worry, in this list of 100 love quotes that come from the heart, we’ve included quotations that represent each type of love.

Without further ado…

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