Father surveys hay field with son.

23 Remarkable Father’s Day Quotes

by Editor

Recently, we published a list of 23 Wonderful Mother’s Day Quotes, but let’s not forget that it took two to bring you into this world. Father’s Day is another occasion that is just as prominent in most countries. In fact, Father’s Day was first observed in 1908, just two months after Mother’s Day was first celebrated.

Fathers — both biological fathers and those special people who take on this role in your life voluntarily — deserve to be praised and appreciated for all they do for us. They are often the source of strength in our families growing up: our dads are both our protectors and the ones who work hard to support the family, with minimal complaints.

Enjoy these 23 remarkable Father’s Day quotes, and hand-pick one or two favorites to include in your Father’s Day card to Dad this year for a personal touch.

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