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Top 100: Love Quotes (of All-Time)

by Editor

Romantic love is one of the most cherished ideas of Western society — after all, don’t the majority of songs we hear, movies we watch, and books we read tell some kind of love story?

Of course, romantic love isn’t the only kind of love there is — there’s also the type of love you have for your friends, love for God or nature, familial love, the love you express to the world at large, and even the love you have for yourself.

Because love is so idealized in our culture, quotes on love abound, and a lot of them are pretty cheesy and overused. For this reason, we’ve narrowed down the top 100 love quotes of all-time, so that you can find all of the most insightful and revered love quotes in one place.

Here you can find the perfect love quote to send to your sweetheart, or to soothe your broken heart.

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    Great quote collection! Loved how you included the interpretation section as well! Thanks for sharing :)

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    i love it…

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