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Inspirational quotes are perfect for those who are looking for motivation, encouragement, and positivity in their lives. Just a few words of wisdom can inspire you to succeed, galvanize your ambitions, and embolden you to take action. Enlightening quotes have many applications. Professional speakers use them to deliver effective and powerful messages. Life coaches use them to invigorate their students. And team leaders utilize quotations to empower their coworkers. Of course, many of us also have our own personal collection of inspirational quotes, and sharing them with friends on social media is just as gratifying. In this list of 100 inspirational quotes to lift you up, we've included maxims spoken by people from all walks of life, including presidents, athletes, philosophers, and everything in between. [include-posts id="482" count="1"] Interpretation: Your character is far more important than your past or your future; it's who you are that matters, not what you've done or will do. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="486" count="2"] Interpretation: By attempting something really difficult and outside of your comfort zone, you will discover how strong you really are. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="490" count="3"] Interpretation: You are never too old to pursue your dreams. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="493" count="4"] Interpretation: You can have anything if you are brave enough to go after it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="498" count="5"] Interpretation: Your life is not decided by fate; you must create the future you want by taking the right actions now. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="502" count="6"] Interpretation: What happens to you in life is not nearly as important as your reactions to these happenings. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="508" count="7"] Interpretation: Even if you don't achieve any impressive accomplishments in life, it is important to do your best in everything that you do, including the little things. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="511" count="8"] Interpretation: If you don't try, you will never succeed. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="516" count="9"] Interpretation: Don't wait for things to come to you; take your fate into your own hands. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="520" count="10"] Interpretation: Things that appear to be obstacles are often helpful in the long run. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="523" count="11"] Interpretation: Success is not as sweet if you've never experienced failure. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="526" count="12"] Interpretation: The value of your life has nothing to do with how much money you earn; it is determined by what you give to others. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="530" count="13"] Interpretation: Good things happen not because of "luck," but because you work hard to get them. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="533" count="14"] Interpretation: A dream that exists only in your mind is not useless. Use it to create the reality you want. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="538" count="15"] Interpretation: You must either be content with your life as it is or take action to change it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="541" count="16"] Interpretation: Focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="544" count="17"] Interpretation: If you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you too. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="547" count="18"] Interpretation: True leaders are not just competent at what they do; they make good decisions about what to do. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="14578" count="19"] Interpretation: Great things come from humble beginnings. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="551" count="20"] Interpretation: This quote is best summed up by the proverb "Actions speak louder than words." [/include-posts] [include-posts id="555" count="21"] Interpretation: When faced with a challenge, your size is not as important as having a strong and tenacious spirit. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="560" count="22"] Interpretation: Don't give up now: you are probably closer to success than you think. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="563" count="23"] Interpretation: We learn by doing, not the other way around. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="567" count="24"] Interpretation: Rather than following others, do your own thing and let others follow you. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="571" count="25"] Interpretation: Be brave and take risks rather than living a safe, sheltered life. If you always play it safe, you will probably regret it later. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="578" count="26"] Interpretation: Trying and not succeeding is not failure; it is part of the process of discovering what works. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="411" count="27"] Interpretation: Anyone can become great; some people are born into a prosperous family or fortunate situation, some work hard to achieve success, while others become successful through sheer luck. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="591" count="28"] Interpretation: Whether you are able to recover from defeat says more about you than whether you are defeated in the first place. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="594" count="29"] Interpretation: Events that hurt you or try you emotionally strengthen you by teaching you lessons and improving your ability to deal with trying times in the future. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="597" count="30"] Interpretation: In order to succeed in sports or in life, you must also fail many times. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="600" count="31"] Interpretation: Rather than wishing for a different world or expecting others to change it, you must create it yourself through your own actions. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="604" count="32"] Interpretation: You can only change the world if you are "crazy" (or exceptionally ambitious) enough to believe you can. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="608" count="33"] Interpretation: Our thoughts determine our reality. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="611" count="34"] Interpretation: Whatever your current circumstances, it is possible to achieve success. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="617" count="35"] Interpretation: Happiness is determined by your attitude, not your accomplishments. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="620" count="36"] Interpretation: You must start small in order to achieve something great. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="624" count="37"] Interpretation: Imagination is more important than logic, as logic is limited and imagination is not. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="629" count="38"] Interpretation: Seize the moment. Don't expect someone else to do something you want done. If you don't do it yourself, perhaps no one will. By the same token, don't put things off to the future. If you don't do it now, you might never do it at all. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="632" count="39"] Interpretation: By striving for perfection, you will become very close to perfect, even if you never reach absolute perfection. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="635" count="40"] Interpretation: You can "go with the flow" and follow trends when it comes to superficial issues, such as style, but when it comes to moral issues, you should not be swayed by popular opinion. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="638" count="41"] Interpretation: People who repeatedly fail at doing something have more in common with winners than with losers because winners also commonly experience defeat. Losers are people who do not try at all. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="643" count="42"] Interpretation: No matter what your occupation is, your success is determined by what you make of it, not the job itself. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="646" count="43"] Interpretation: A positive attitude allows you to make the most of both opportunities and obstacles. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="649" count="44"] Interpretation: Rather than finding fault with the way things are, it is better to dream up things that do not exist yet. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="652" count="45"] Interpretation: Focus on living with integrity rather than worrying about what others think of you. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="655" count="46"] Interpretation: Take negative things that come your way -- such as insults others may hurl at you -- and make something positive from them. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="658" count="47"] Interpretation: There is no fast track to success. You have to get there in slow, successive steps. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="662" count="48"] Interpretation: If you can imagine something, you can turn it into a reality. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="665" count="49"] Interpretation: Success does not beget happiness; it is the other way around. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="668" count="50"] Interpretation: Don't give up! The pain you're feeling now will go away, while the success that you gave up never will. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="671" count="51"] Interpretation: Unimaginative people give up when bad things happen to them, while wise people keep going and overcome their misfortunes. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="674" count="52"] Interpretation: To succeed, you need to want success as if your life depends on it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="677" count="53"] Interpretation: Treat people as if their behavior is as it should be, and then they will start to meet their true potential. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="681" count="54"] Interpretation: An intelligent person is open-minded enough to thoughtfully consider an idea, even if they do not immediately agree with it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="684" count="55"] Interpretation: Rather than expecting your country to give you something, you should give something back to your country. In other words, don't be a parasite. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="689" count="56"] Interpretation: Discussing other people is the lowest form of conversation. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="692" count="57"] Interpretation: If you can't find evidence to support something you believe in, keep searching. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="696" count="58"] Interpretation: Don't get so caught up in achieving your goals that you forget to enjoy life. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="699" count="59"] Interpretation: Don't give too much credence to your worries; your present worries will soon be forgotten. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="703" count="60"] Interpretation: Your actions overshadow your words. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="9" count="61"] Interpretation: Disagreements are useful, as, unlike agreements, they can teach you something. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="709" count="62"] Interpretation: It can take a lot of careful thought and false starts in order to arrive at the correct conclusion. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="714" count="63"] Interpretation: You can achieve as much as you believe you can. If you think you can do something, then you can. If you think you can't do something, then you won't be able to. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="931" count="64"] Interpretation: Be prepared. If Noah had waited until it started to rain to build his ark, it would have been too late. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="934" count="65"] Interpretation: Having no insight is worse than having no sight. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="937" count="66"] Interpretation: Don't just sleepwalk through your days and let life carry you along; strive to become better as time passes and opportunities present themselves. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="940" count="67"] Interpretation: A small but special extra touch -- for example, a single ingredient in a recipe -- can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="943" count="68"] Interpretation: Don't accept defeat and you won't feel defeated. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="946" count="69"] Interpretation: Doing, saying, or being anything puts you at risk for criticism; the only way to avoid criticism would be to do absolutely nothing interesting with your life. The subtext: stop worrying about people criticizing you and just live your life. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="950" count="70"] Interpretation: It is far better to try to do right and end up doing the wrong thing than it is to do nothing at all. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="953" count="71"] Interpretation: It is better to be an optimist (a positive-minded person) because being a pessimist will get you nowhere. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="957" count="72"] Interpretation: You must stop dreaming and start living in the real world if you want to make your dreams come true. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="962" count="73"] Interpretation: Your intellect and reasoning are compromised if you are not open-minded. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="966" count="74"] Interpretation: If you love your job, then it won't feel like work. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="973" count="75"] Interpretation: Avoid people who disparage your goals; people who are truly successful themselves will be supportive and want you to succeed. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="977" count="76"] Interpretation: Many things we accept as fact today were ridiculed and opposed in the not-too-distant past; this goes to show that just because an idea is unpopular now doesn't mean it won't be unilaterally accepted in the future. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="325" count="77"] Interpretation: No one will want to be your friend if you don't act friendly toward others. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="982" count="78"] Interpretation: Appreciate the small things you normally take for granted; one day you may realize these were the only things that mattered. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="985" count="79"] Interpretation: You cannot succeed if you try to please everyone. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="989" count="80"] Interpretation: Not everything that is tangible is important, and not everything that is important is tangible. For example, you may study some statistics about a famous person and not learn anything significant about who they are. When you meet the person and discover that they are kind, you may realize that this intangible characteristic says something more important about the person than the statistics did. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="993" count="81"] Interpretation: Only love can vanquish hate, the same way that only light can vanquish darkness. You can't fight negativity with more negativity; you must fight negativity with positivity. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="996" count="82"] Interpretation: You can be optimistic while also prepared for the worst-case scenario. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="42136" count="83"] Interpretation: Do not be afraid; our paralyzing fear is more damaging than any calamity that actually threatens us. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1008" count="84"] Interpretation: You don't need money or power or any other advantage to get by in this world; love is all you need. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1011" count="85"] Interpretation: By holding resentment toward someone, you only hurt yourself. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15781" count="86"] Interpretation: Even if your heart ends up getting broken, the experience of being in love is worth it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1029" count="87"] Interpretation: Rather than retreating from or trying to get around a negative circumstance you're in, it is best to confront it head-on and do what you need to do to get through it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1032" count="88"] Interpretation: Love is nourishment that does not discriminate or expire; anyone can have it at any time. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1035" count="89"] Interpretation: Rejoice, rather than mope, in your happy memories. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1039" count="90"] Interpretation: You can spread positivity by creating something positive, or by reflecting positivity in your thoughts and actions. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1042" count="91"] Interpretation: You can start changing the world right this very moment. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1045" count="92"] Interpretation: Don't expect for bad things to happen or worry about outcomes you can't predict. Keep your thoughts positive. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1048" count="93"] Interpretation: The immensity of the universe is terrifying and lonely if we do not love each other. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1051" count="94"] Interpretation: Take notice and appreciate it when you are happy. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1054" count="95"] Interpretation: With imagination, we can accomplish anything. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1057" count="96"] Interpretation: We have a chance to start over at any point in time. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1060" count="97"] Interpretation: You will eventually get what you want if you are only patient. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1064" count="98"] Interpretation: Once you decide to be free, you will be. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1067" count="99"] Interpretation: Beyond doctrine or dogma, the most important component of religiosity is being kind to other people. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1071" count="100"] Interpretation: You must be true to yourself before you can be true to anyone else. [/include-posts]