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Love is often hard to describe with words alone. Fortunately, from the work of notable authors, poets, and philosophers, we were able to unearth quite a few incredible love quotes that should help you communicate your true feelings. Love is one of the most cherished ideas of Western society — after all, don't the majority of songs we hear, movies we watch, and books we read tell some kind of love story? Indeed, love comes in many forms: love shared between sweethearts, love you have for your friends, love for God or nature, familial love, the love you express to the world at large, and even the love you have for yourself. And with that comes many different ways to express your love, be it romantic, cute, cheesy, or agonizing. But don't worry, in this list of 100 love quotes that come from the heart, we've included quotations that represent each type of love. Without further ado... [include-posts id="4289" count="1"] Interpretation: Whereas hatred causes paralysis, confusion, and darkness, love is mobilizing, harmonizing, and illuminating. In other words, love is the antidote to hate. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3498" count="2"] Interpretation: Immature people don't really understand what love is; they misinterpret a feeling of need for love. A mature person realizes that you only truly "need" someone whom you truly love, not the other way around. In other words, you must learn to love someone without being dependent on them. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19963" count="3"] Interpretation: The character in this Nicholas Sparks novel is saying that he is an unremarkable man in many ways and has not done anything special with his life. What has given him purpose is his true love for another person. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15183" count="4"] Interpretation: You have probably heard the saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," in regards to love. This quote presents an extension of that idea. It means that while the absence of a much-loved person or passion (say, playing the violin  indeed makes you realize how much you really love that person or thing, absence actually makes you forget about people and pursuits that you don't feel strongly about. This perfectly fits the metaphor of wind blowing out small flames (candles) but increasing large ones (fires). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3442" count="5"] Interpretation: Love is not necessarily desire for the person you love, but a desire for the beloved to find you irresistible. This suggests a kind of love that is more about the self than it is about the other person, as it serves to feed one's own ego above all else. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="18203" count="6"] Interpretation: The author is saying he would rather be blind, deaf, and mute, rather than be unable to love. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1032" count="7"] Interpretation: Love is nourishment that does not discriminate or expire; anyone can have it at any time. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19922" count="8"] Interpretation: The people who love and look up to you say a lot about who you are. For example, if only the people you give money to love you, you are a rather pathetic person who has to "buy" friendship. On the other hand, if you are loved by many people whom others also love and respect, then you are likely a great person who is worthy of admiration. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3271" count="9"] Interpretation: People are very flawed -- they are irrational and selfish. However, we must overlook their flaws and love them regardless. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="39627" count="10"] Interpretation: Even if your heart ends up getting broken, the experience of being in love is worth the pain it brings. Appropriately, this is something people sometimes say to comfort someone who has just had their heart broken. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15613" count="11"] Interpretation: Being in love is like a dream, in that you feel that there are no limits and that all things are possible. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16256" count="12"] Interpretation: You don't need your physical senses, like sight and hearing, to experience the most wonderful, beautiful things in life. These beautiful things, like love, can only be experienced by the heart, or soul. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19925" count="13"] Interpretation: You are like an angel to me; I don't need to see a real angel since I have seen you. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19927" count="14"] Interpretation: I love you more every day. This means I love you more than I did yesterday, and that tomorrow I will love you more than I did today. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3535" count="15"] Interpretation: Love for love's sake. Of course, it is better to be lucky in love than unlucky. However, even if you end up losing your love, this is still far better than never having loved at all. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19929" count="16"] Interpretation: There is something about being in love that inspires people to write poetry. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19931" count="17"] Interpretation: Like most people, the anonymous author has fallen in love multiple times in his/her life ... but always with the same person. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="4476" count="18"] Interpretation: Love symbolizes eternity, or the idea of "forever": It challenges the traditional idea of time, erases your memory of what life was like before you felt this love, and makes you not worry about the future, or even about death. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="227000" count="19"] Interpretation: Love has no antidote or cure. The only thing that will make you feel better if you are in love is to continue loving -- rather than hardening your heart and trying to turn your love to hate. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19935" count="20"] Interpretation: Love isn't about how long you've been with somebody; it's about making sure the time you spend with your partner over the years is happy and fulfilling. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19937" count="21"] Interpretation: You can't have paradise if you don't have love; where love resides is where you'll find paradise. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19940" count="22"] Interpretation: In movies, TV, books, etc., love stories always have endings -- usually happy or tragic ones. In real life, love is not as dramatic or perfect because the "story" has no set ending; our real-life love stories never have neat resolutions like they do in fictional love stories. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19942" count="23"] Interpretation: It may seem to defy common sense, but if you love so much that it brings you pain, you will no longer feel pain, just love itself. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19944" count="24"] Interpretation: This funny quote about love attempts to explain the phenomenon in a faux-scientific way -- as a type of "malfunction of the heart." The anonymous author points out all of love's physical effects: sparkling eyes, glowing cheeks, elevated blood pressure, and puckered lips. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16253" count="25"] Interpretation: Love me when I am acting unlovable; I need love the most when I am behaving like a jerk. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16262" count="26"] Interpretation: You don't have to agree with someone about everything in order to love each other in the same way. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1662" count="27"] Interpretation: Though seemingly insignificant, your small acts of kindness and love are the greatest things you will do in your life. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3482" count="28"] Interpretation: You cannot measure how much you love somebody based on how many positive qualities they have. We love people not only for their good qualities, but also sometimes for their flaws. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="411" count="29"] Interpretation: Your specific actions or words are not what people will remember most about you. Instead, they will remember how you affected their emotions. For example, you can spoil your children and tell them you love them all the time; but if you don't make them feel loved, then that is the main thing will remember about you. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19946" count="30"] Interpretation: Love is mysterious by nature and defies logical analysis; even those who are most in touch with love, poets, don't know exactly how much a person is able to love. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="53654" count="31"] Interpretation: The person you love can cause you constant pain -- and yet, this pain can somehow be pleasurable at the same time. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="46508" count="32"] Interpretation: Love is when two people share the same soul. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3335" count="33"] Interpretation: We cannot always explain our emotions using logic, especially when it comes love or religious experiences. For example, you might feel the presence of God or feel deeply in love with someone, without being able to logically explain or even understand why you feel this way. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19255" count="34"] Interpretation: True wealth is not how much money you have but how much love you have. Thus, someone who is loved is never poor, even if they have no money. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="4223" count="35"] Interpretation: It is better to love than to hate, if for the only reason that hate is detrimental to the person who hates, as it encumbers you and weighs you down. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19950" count="36"] Interpretation: A kiss is a natural replacement for speech when words become unnecessary. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19952" count="37"] Interpretation: True love never lessens, no matter how many times it is subjected to sadness and hardship. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16165" count="38"] Interpretation: According to the logic of someone who is in love, one plus one (yourself plus the person you love) is of infinite value, but two minus one (yourself without the other person) is of no value. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19954" count="39"] Interpretation: I can do anything in the world if I am loved by you. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19246" count="40"] Interpretation: Real love isn't attained by finding the "perfect" person. You are able to experience love by learning to love someone who is not perfect. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3533" count="41"] Interpretation: Rather than pursuing some overly ambitious goal that will satisfy your ego, turn your attention and care to the smaller details of your immediate daily life. For example, rather than trying to save all the children in the world, do your best to love your own children and treat them well. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19959" count="42"] Interpretation: Loving someone intensely makes you strong. When someone loves you with the same intensity, it makes you brave. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15606" count="43"] Interpretation: Spouses should behave in such a way that makes their partner want to spend more time with them. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="94121" count="44"] Interpretation: Love makes everything beautiful. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19961" count="45"] Interpretation: Although you can choose to become friends with someone, you cannot choose to meet someone in the first place or decide to fall in love with them; those things are beyond your control because they are decided by fate. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3480" count="46"] Interpretation: Love is like a blank canvas that the universe gives us; but the image we paint on it -- how we express and experience love -- is created by our imagination. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19965" count="47"] Interpretation: Love affects your thoughts, your feelings, and even your physical senses (sight, touch, taste, etc.), making it the strongest of all emotions. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19242" count="48"] Interpretation: The speaker of this love quote doesn't dare wish for anything more than friendship from the person she loves because she thinks it's unrealistic, so she restricts her desire to be that person's lover to her dreamworld. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19967" count="49"] Interpretation: Someone with good intentions, or the wish to love, reaches out and asks for love. However, a person who already has love in their heart doesn't need to seek it, because he already has it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19970" count="50"] Interpretation: If you really love someone, you accept their past, who they are right now, and who they might become in the future. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19972" count="51"] Interpretation: Love is the reason we are alive;  it is the sole purpose of life. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19251" count="52"] Interpretation: Although love causes pain and permanently changes us, the imprint it leaves on our lives is lovely. The permanent damage inflicted by hate, on the other hand, is hideous. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19974" count="53"] Interpretation: I lose my identity when I am in a relationship with you; but when we are not together, I actually miss the feeling of not having a self. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3466" count="54"] Interpretation: Love has fire-like effects on our spiritual selves: it is purifying, warming, and provides light in darkness. It is also easily spread. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="18566" count="55"] Interpretation: Love is not just the emotions you feel for someone at this moment; it is your shared history. So if you think you love somebody you just met ... well, not really. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="45067" count="56"] Interpretation: You can doubt just about anything, even the most evident of facts, before you can doubt my love. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19976" count="57"] Interpretation: This person doesn't desire great wealth or other fantastic things ... she just wants a stable, loving relationship. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19249" count="58"] Interpretation: There are only four important things in life: that which is sacred, that of which the spirit is made, that which is worth living for, and that which is worth dying for. Love is all of these things. Therefore, love is the only important thing in life. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16596" count="59"] Interpretation: You are the one I love because fate brought me to you. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19978" count="60"] Interpretation: Love is more than just a feeling. Love is the truth and the ultimate reason for being. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19981" count="61"] Interpretation: It is a type of love to be able to have a conversation with someone who is very unlike you and still be captivated by them. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19983" count="62"] Interpretation: Love is life itself. If you long for love, you are really longing for life. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="18212" count="63"] Interpretation: Love is like the wonderful, warming feeling of sunlight on your skin, whether you are the giver or the recipient of love. But if you are only the giver or only the receiver, then part of you is left in the shadows. If you both love and are loved in return, you feel love with your whole being, and it is like having the sun warm both sides of your body. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19985" count="64"] Interpretation: Our love was so immense and so special that it went above and beyond what the normal conception of love is (which, ironically, is how just about everyone feels when they're in love). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19987" count="65"] Interpretation: Wanting to be with someone or imagining you would make a good couple with someone is not the definition of love;  you love someone if you can't imagine living without them. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19989" count="66"] Interpretation: Loving you is more important to me than staying alive. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19991" count="67"] Interpretation: It is beautiful how people in love only have eyes for each other and don't care about the rest of the world. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19993" count="68"] Interpretation: Love is life-giving. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19995" count="69"] Interpretation: Love is unselfish. It's not about wanting to receive affection from another person; it's about wanting to give everything to the person you love, regardless of what you receive from them in return. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19997" count="70"] Interpretation: The boy character finds the girl's laughter so mysterious and compelling that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="18214" count="71"] Interpretation: The best thing in the world is to find someone who loves you without asking anything of you, and then to give them everything they deserve but did not ask for. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="14053" count="72"] Interpretation: We are in different bodies but we are one, living in harmony. We share the same love and the same future. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19999" count="73"] Interpretation: To love is to live forever. (Or, at least, love makes you feel like you will live forever.) [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20001" count="74"] Interpretation: We don't need love in order to live, or for the world to keep turning. However, love is what makes life worth living. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15843" count="75"] Interpretation: Love is the "honey" of the flower of life. In other words, love is the sweet result of interacting with other beings in life (the bees that pollinate the flower to make the honey). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20003" count="76"] Interpretation: You cannot predict when or where true love will occur. It happens instantaneously, and by chance. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20005" count="77"] Interpretation: Saying kind things to someone builds their confidence; thinking nice thoughts helps you to become wiser; carrying out kind actions produces love. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16216" count="78"] Interpretation: If someone knows everything about you, including all your flaws and every terrible thing you've ever done, and they still love you, then they are a true friend. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20007" count="79"] Interpretation: Love has a component of insanity (or "madness"); you are not always thinking clearly or rationally when you are in love. However, there is always some logical reason why insanity occurs, and this is also true of the insanity experienced when one is in love. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20009" count="80"] Interpretation: Unlike our bodies, true love does not change with time. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20011" count="81"] Interpretation: While it is a very significant event that takes place in the body, it is difficult, if not impossible, to explain the experience of first love using hard science. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20014" count="82"] Interpretation: Here, the word "love" is used in a more spiritual than romantic sense. Mother Theresa is saying that when God judges whether we will go to heaven or hell, he does not care how many good deeds we have done, but how much love we put into these deeds. Charitable actions only make you a good person if they are performed with care and pure intentions (love). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20016" count="83"] Interpretation: Our instincts tell us that we will survive things like trying to fly or falling in love, even though our sense of logic warns us against taking such risks. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16251" count="84"] Interpretation: On the whole, people need love and kindness more than they need food; there are more people in the world who are starving for affection than there are people starving for nutrition. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20018" count="85"] Interpretation: Love does not require a reason for existing. You can, and perhaps, should, love someone without having a logical reason. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20020" count="86"] Interpretation: Physical distance cannot truly keep you apart from someone you love. If you are together in your minds and hearts, that is all that really matters. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="47107" count="87"] Interpretation: Shake hands, and let this handshake symbolize forging a bond of kinship between you. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20024" count="88"] Interpretation: Love is all you need; if you have it, you are set, and if you don't have it, you will be empty and unhappy, no matter how many other good things you have in your life (such as wealth, success, etc.). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15838" count="89"] Interpretation: While you physically whispered into my ear and kissed my lips, on a deeper level, you were whispering to my heart and kissing my soul. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20026" count="90"] Interpretation: Romance novelist Nicholas Sparks is comparing love to the natural phenomenon of wind: according to this analogy, love is like wind in that it can be experienced by some but not all of the senses (you cannot detect love or wind using the sense of sight). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20028" count="91"] Interpretation: If your beloved leaves you or is taken from you, the feeling of love you have for them is intensified. However, if the person you love remains in your life, your love grows stronger, in the sense that it becomes better able to withstand the things that threaten it -- such as time, distance, temptation, etc. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20030" count="92"] Interpretation: Gravity -- the scientific principle that explains why bodies of mass are attracted to one another -- cannot be used to explain love, despite the two phenomena sounding very similar on a basic level. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20032" count="93"] Interpretation: Having feelings that you are unable to express is one of the most painful and difficult things in life. An example might be wanting to tell someone you are in love with them, but not being able to because they are married to someone else. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="10965" count="94"] Interpretation: Love is an intensified form of friendship, friendship that is transformed by incredible passion. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16999" count="95"] Interpretation: You know you love someone if that person's happiness is of utmost importance to you, to the extent that you can't be happy if your beloved is unhappy. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16051" count="96"] Interpretation: If you're in love, you're so happy that you no longer want to escape reality (for example, by falling asleep and going to dreamland). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15507" count="97"] Interpretation: To everyone else in the world, you may be insignificant, but to me, you are more important than everyone else in the world. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="17596" count="98"] Interpretation: I love you for the kind of person I become in your presence. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19284" count="99"] Interpretation: Beauty, truth, and love are never in vain ... if you have love in your heart, there is someone out there who will appreciate it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16629" count="100"] Interpretation: While love is a type of madness, or insanity, it is also the greatest thing there is. [/include-posts]