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Kanye West, the American rapper and entrepreneur, is definitely no stranger to controversy. In fact, you might even say he genuinely enjoys it. After all, as William Hazlitt once said, "When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest." At which point does confidence and having self-esteem become arrogance and narcissism? Well, that's debatable, but perhaps it comes at the exact moment when someone refers to himself as "a god." For your entertainment, here are 18 outrageously arrogant quotes from Kanye West. [include-posts id="212486" count="1"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212478" count="2"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212485" count="3"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212487" count="4"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212482" count="5"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212481" count="6"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212484" count="7"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212480" count="8"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212489" count="9"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212479" count="10"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212477" count="11"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212483" count="12"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212475" count="13"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212474" count="14"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212473" count="15"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="179779" count="16"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212492" count="17"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212488" count="18"] [/include-posts]