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When you think of Fred Rogers–the man behind the American children's television series, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood–one of the first things that likely comes to mind is a friendly face (OK, that and a cardigan sweater). Many of us know Mister Rogers as a television host. But what you may not realize is that he was much more than a character on a show. Mr. Rogers was an educator, minister, author, and a masterful source of wisdom, kindness, and inspiration. To celebrate his birthday on March 20th (he would be 86 this year), we put together this list of 22 Incredibly Profound Quotes From Mister Rogers. mister-rogers-1b [include-posts id="56661" count="1"] [/include-posts] 2a [include-posts id="56662" count="2"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-3 [include-posts id="56663" count="3"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-4 [include-posts id="56664" count="4"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-10 [include-posts id="56665" count="5"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-6 [include-posts id="56666" count="6"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-7 [include-posts id="56667" count="7"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-8a [include-posts id="56668" count="8"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-9 [include-posts id="56669" count="9"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quotes [include-posts id="56796" count="10"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-11 [include-posts id="56671" count="11"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-12 [include-posts id="56672" count="12"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-13 [include-posts id="56673" count="13"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-14 [include-posts id="56674" count="14"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-15 [include-posts id="56675" count="15"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-16 [include-posts id="56676" count="16"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-17 [include-posts id="56677" count="17"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-18 [include-posts id="56678" count="18"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-19 [include-posts id="56679" count="19"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-20 [include-posts id="56680" count="20"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-21 [include-posts id="56681" count="21"] [/include-posts] mister-rogers-quote-22 [include-posts id="56682" count="22"] [/include-posts]