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Many know Winston Churchill as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; a man who played a large role in leading the Allies to victory in WWII. But he also happened to be a terrific speaker, a big fan of reading books of quotations, and an excellent writer–eventually being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. With a resume like that, it isn't hard to imagine that Winston Churchill had quite a few quips that are still frequently quoted today. Indeed, many of Churchill's words are inspiring and funny, but in this list of 42 fascinating Winston Churchill quotes, you might be surprised to find out that he also had a dark side that most would call racist. Read on and decide for yourself. [include-posts id="141123" count="1"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="953" count="2"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="92732" count="3"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="92410" count="4"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="90518" count="5"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16589" count="6"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="45713" count="7"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="49270" count="8"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="41239" count="9"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="42021" count="10"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="37517" count="11"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="92413" count="12"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="136070" count="13"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212427" count="14"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="88798" count="15"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="133902" count="16"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="96317" count="17"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="130796" count="18"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="96264" count="19"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="42840" count="20"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="40585" count="21"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212359" count="22"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="130713" count="23"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="90456" count="24"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212357" count="25"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212365" count="26"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="42664" count="27"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16945" count="28"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="4026" count="29"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="10691" count="30"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3245" count="31"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="646" count="32"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="526" count="33"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="173412" count="34"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212355" count="35"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="136070" count="36"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="40092" count="37"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212460" count="38"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="48402" count="39"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="153006" count="40"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212352" count="41"] [/include-posts] [include-posts id="212360" count="42"] [/include-posts]