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If you're looking for inspiring and hilarious quotes from female authors, comedians, actresses, activists, politicians, entrepreneurs and other powerful women, you've come to the right place. This collection includes everything from motivational quotes from the likes of Helen Keller, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa, and Anne Frank, to sidesplitting one-liners from Joan Rivers, Erma Bombeck, and Carol Burnett. Check out our list of 88 Great Quotes from Great Women for wisdom, comfort, and laughs from your favorite female writers and historical figures. [include-posts id="411" count="1"] Interpretation: It is the overall manner in which you treat people that determines the lasting impression you leave on them, not your specific words or deeds. A logical progression of that sentiment would be that you should treat people in such a way that they feel loved and cherished, and you will be remembered fondly. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16633" count="2"] Interpretation: It is not possible to get along with other people if you are closed-minded and inflexible. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57204" count="3"] Interpretation: This quote puts a funny spin on the famous proverb, “He who laughs last laughs best.” While the original quote is about the sweetness of revenge, this one has a more literal interpretation, meaning that the person who laughs last at a joke did not actually understand the joke and is just laughing because everyone else is laughing. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="14256" count="4"] Interpretation: We don’t get to choose our relatives, but at least we can choose our friends. This is a humorous way of saying that relatives are often unpleasant. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57207" count="5"] Interpretation: By describing the different ways that she and other African American women are “dying,” Morrison is actually talking about the ways in which they live, in the face of the inevitable prejudice which they face. Women who are “dying like stump” let others kill their spirits quickly and without a fight; by saying she is “going down like one of those redwoods,” she is saying that she will have a long, enormous, majestic life that she won’t let anyone else cut down prematurely. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57209" count="6"] Interpretation: The author, Germany’s first female chancellor, is saying that although she is a woman, as a politician she will represent everyone, not only women. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57211" count="7"] Interpretation: Mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process. While the author considers certain choices she made in her life to be mistakes, she does not regret them; she only regrets not making them earlier in her life — presumably, because if she had made them sooner, she could have learned their painful lessons sooner to become wiser at a younger age. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15509" count="8"] Interpretation: Our innate qualities and talents are blessings from God; what we do with these gifts is how we repay God for these blessings. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57213" count="9"] Interpretation: The author is saying that no matter how successful she becomes at her own passion (being a playwright), her mother will never be entirely satisfied with her unless becomes exactly what her mother wants her to be — skinny, married, and a lawyer. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57217" count="10"] Interpretation: Don’t let other people limit you because they can’t understand your vision of who you want to be or what you want to do with your life; likewise, don’t attempt to limit others because you can’t understand that person’s personal vision. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57220" count="11"] Interpretation: By saying that she wishes God didn’t trust her to handle so much responsibility, the saint is joking about how she feels somewhat overwhelmed by all of the obligations God has given her. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57222" count="12"] Interpretation: Britain’s first female Prime Minister is saying here that while male politicians are great at saying things, i.e., making promises, female politicians are better at actually making good on their word and achieving what they said they would do. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57224" count="13"] Interpretation: The degree to which a society recycles is an indication of how advanced the society is; a society that throws everything away instead of reusing things where possible is not very intelligent. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16638" count="14"] Interpretation: Whether you are happy or sad primarily depends on your outlook, not your situation. Therefore, if you have a positive attitude, you can usually find a way to be happy in any external conditions. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16165" count="15"] Interpretation: According to the logic of someone who is in love, one plus one (yourself plus the person you love) is of infinite value, but two minus one (yourself without the other person) is of no value. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15188" count="16"] Interpretation: Only you have control over your own self-image. Although people will try to damage your self-esteem, making you feel like you are less than them, as long as you don’t accept others’ negative judgments about you, these judgments will not affect your self-worth. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57226" count="17"] Interpretation: In order to advance as a society, the most important thing isn’t necessarily to add new information to our existing repository of information, but to understand that much of the information we think we know — including prevailing  judgments about what is wrong or right — is incorrect. Only when we let go of the ideas that do not serve us can we progress. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57228" count="18"] Interpretation: It is better to be with God in the midst of confusing and challenging times than it is to be in the best of circumstances, but without God. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57230" count="19"] Interpretation: Controlling another person requires your presence and energy, which could be put to better uses. Thus, by restricting another person’s freedom, you are at the same time preventing yourself from achieving your full potential. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15781" count="20"] Interpretation: Like a candle’s flame, knowledge is illuminating and should be freely shared. Share any wisdom you have with other people, and those people can do the same. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57232" count="21"] Interpretation: Although parents can help guide their children and allow them to start off on the right path in life, the formation of your character is your own responsibility, not your parents’. So, while your parents play some role in shaping who you are, you are still the master of your fate. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57234" count="22"] Interpretation: When injustices are occurring, it important to make lots of noise to alert people to what’s going on. If you know something terrible is happening but you stay silent (i.e., do nothing), then this is arguably just as bad as, if not worse than, the original crime that was committed. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="898" count="23"] Interpretation: This Erma Bombeck quote encourages us to take a more lighthearted approach to life, reminding us that while we can’t always improve the unpleasant things in our lives, we can at least have the consolation of laughing at their absurdity. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19272" count="24"] Interpretation: Life is not one-sided; in addition to taking what life gives you, you also need to respond to it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57236" count="25"] Interpretation: Thinking about something, planning for it, analyzing it, wishing for it, or any other indirect way of approaching something that you want to do is not as effective as simply taking action right now. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57238" count="26"] Interpretation: You can only live your life to the fullest once you comprehend that life is very short and that it could end at any time. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19280" count="27"] Interpretation: Don’t be rigid about always following the rules; if you’re afraid to break the rules in life, then you’ll miss a lot of opportunities for fun. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57240" count="28"] Interpretation: Your words are the most important materials you need to make your dreams a reality. Choose your words carefully, because with the right ones, you can build the exact life you want. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16613" count="29"] Interpretation: The length of your life is not what determines its value; what’s important in life are the moments that fill you with wonder and amazement. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57242" count="30"] Interpretation: This quote speaks to the untapped potential in every human being: Frank is saying that most people don’t even realize how much they have to offer others and what wonderful things they are capable of accomplishing with their life. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57246" count="31"] Interpretation: This journal entry encapsulates Anne Frank’s inspiringly optimistic outlook on life. She is saying that she chooses to focus on all the beautiful things in life, rather than on the miserable things. This quote is especially inspiring considering the bleak circumstances Anne Frank was facing as a Jew living in hiding during the Holocaust. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="18004" count="32"] Interpretation: The author is saying she doesn’t just want to go along through life simply doing what she needs to do to get through her days; she wants to truly savor the richness of each day and take advantage of what every moment has to offer. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="4046" count="33"] Interpretation: The people who believe in their amazing dreams are the ones who will actually live out their dreams, creating a prosperous future for themselves. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19703" count="34"] Interpretation: In youth, we often take ourselves very seriously and tend to become sad or assign blame when things go wrong. Once you are able to laugh at yourself and your shortcomings, you have matured enough to be considered an adult. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57248" count="35"] Interpretation: You can’t gain any advantage in life if you never initiate things; in other words, you can’t finish something if you never start it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57251" count="36"] Interpretation: The author is lamenting that she wishes she had realized how great her life was sooner, so that she would have had more time to enjoy it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57253" count="37"] Interpretation: Keeping an important personal secret that you want to express is the most painful thing you can do. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3533" count="38"] Interpretation: Rather than pursuing some overly ambitious goal that will satisfy your ego, turn your attention and care to the smaller details of your immediate daily life. For example, rather than trying to save all the children in the world, do your best to love your own children and treat them well. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1039" count="39"] Interpretation: You can spread positivity by creating something positive, or by reflecting positivity in your thoughts and actions. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="14345" count="40"] Interpretation: People are so often married to their exact opposite: introverts who hate parties often marry extroverts who love them. Being married to your social opposite presents difficulties when you go to a party as a couple — though this can make for a rather amusing display to an outside observer, like Ann Landers. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="689" count="41"] Interpretation: Discussing other people is the lowest form of conversation. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57257" count="42"] Interpretation: As we overcome our fears and free ourselves from them, we inspire other people to do the same. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="17104" count="43"] Interpretation: In a humorous way, the author is saying that she intends to use all of her God-given talents to the fullest extent. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57260" count="44"] Interpretation: You have to date some people who are not good for you in order to be able to recognize and feel grateful for the person that will be your perfect mate. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15507" count="45"] Interpretation: To the world in general, you may be insignificant, but to the person who loves you, you are more important than anyone else in the world. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="17124" count="46"] Interpretation: I am not asking permission, because I am going to do what I want to do regardless of what anyone thinks; if you someone doesn’t want me to do it, they will have to try to stop me. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="18219" count="47"] Interpretation: Just because you are successful at getting what you want doesn’t mean you will be happy; happiness depends on whether you are able to find value in the things you have. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="3411" count="48"] Interpretation: Many people who are in bad spirits put on a happy face for the outside world and then take out their unhappiness on their loved ones. This wise Maya Angelou quote tells us this is wrong: if you’re going to suck it up and be nice to anyone, it should be the ones you love. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57262" count="49"] Interpretation: If you take control over your own destiny, you have no one to blame but yourself if things go wrong. For this reason, many people are afraid to take their fate into their own hands. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="9648" count="50"] Interpretation: You don’t need your physical senses, like sight and hearing, to experience the most wonderful, beautiful things in life. These beautiful things, like love, can only be experienced by the heart, or soul. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="9468" count="51"] Interpretation: I don’t need to fear whatever circumstances life will throw at me, because I’m figuring out how to go through life on my own. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16624" count="52"] Interpretation: We seek counsel from others when we don’t like the conclusion we arrived at ourselves (even though we are probably right). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16615" count="53"] Interpretation: This quote laughs at the notion that it’s very important for a home to be kept clean and tidy. Bombeck assures the reader that if she don’t get around to making the bed, it’s really not the end of the world — it’s not like anyone is going to die because of it! [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15515" count="54"] Interpretation: The depth and richness of your life depends on how brave you are. If you are afraid of life, yours will be very small and confining. If you are courageous enough to experience all that life could offer you, your life will be expansive and full of opportunity. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16617" count="55"] Interpretation: It is difficult to go against anyone, but it is actually easier to stand up to your enemies than it is to go against you friends, because you need your friends and care what they think about you. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="14072" count="56"] Interpretation: The bravest thing you can do is to form your own opinions, and to express these opinions out loud (simply having these opinions is not enough). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16622" count="57"] Interpretation: Be courageous enough to do what you need to do, rather than just passively wishing that your life would change. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57269" count="58"] Interpretation: People often think they can prevent bad outcomes by not taking risks; however, by avoiding risk, you actually take an even bigger risk, because you are not setting your life up for any positive changes. For example, you might be afraid to date because you are afraid of getting your heart broken, but by not taking the risk of opening your heart to new people, you take the bigger risk of never experiencing love at all. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57271" count="59"] Interpretation: There is no point to living your life in fear; being fearful and avoidant will not protect you from the dangers you are so afraid of. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16627" count="60"] Interpretation: Bees shouldn’t be able to fly because they are not shaped for flight, but the reason they are able to fly anyway is that they don’t know this. While this isn’t literally true, the bee is being used as a metaphor for a person: the author is saying that if a person isn’t told that they can’t do something, then there is no limit to what they can accomplish. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57274" count="61"] Interpretation: In order to make efficient progress, there needs to be fewer leaders and more followers. Even though just about everyone wants to be a leader when it comes to work or any other project, most people need to be followers who actually carry out the work that needs to be done. The quote has a similar meaning the saying about how there should never be “too many cooks in the kitchen.” [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16609" count="62"] Interpretation: This funny Carol Burnett quote uses hyperbole to express the reality that childbirth is very painful and that it contorts and stretches your body in such a way that sounds impossible and looks gruesome. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="20014" count="63"] Interpretation: When God judges whether we will go to heaven or hell, he does not care how many good deeds we have done, but how much love we put into these deeds. Charitable actions only make you a good person if they are performed with care and pure intentions (love). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="16600" count="64"] Interpretation: This quote is a joke about the inefficiency of committees, or groups with the official task of working on a particular project or issue. The quote uses a clever play on words, with “minutes” being used to mean notes that are taken in meetings, while also conjuring the idea of time, since it is placed between the words “hours” and “seconds.” Literally, the quote means that committees waste hours to put into writing (“put into minutes”) things that can be completed in mere seconds. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="490" count="65"] Interpretation: You are never too old to pursue your dreams. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="551" count="66"] Interpretation: Brilliant ideas can only be effectively communicated with other like-minded thinkers, but if you turn those brilliant ideas into brilliant actions, you can communicate with everyone. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="608" count="67"] Interpretation: Our thoughts determine our reality; we will turn into whatever we spend most of our time thinking about. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="934" count="68"] Interpretation: Having no insight (having no “vision,” or no understanding of the true nature of things) is worse than having no sight (literally being blind). [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1032" count="69"] Interpretation: Love is nourishment that does not discriminate or expire; anyone can have it at any time. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1042" count="70"] Interpretation: You can start changing the world right this very moment, and this is a wonderful thing. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="1071" count="71"] Interpretation: You must be true to yourself before you can be true to anyone else. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="5619" count="72"] Interpretation: You cannot avoid making mistakes if you are to be successful. To be successful, you need to make many decisions. Inevitably, you will sometimes make the wrong decision. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="5647" count="73"] Interpretation: No matter how many ideas you have, the ideas have no value if you don’t execute them. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="5682" count="74"] Interpretation: Hard work alone won’t get you far. You must put your energies toward the right goal. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57278" count="75"] Interpretation: Don’t restrict yourself by believing you cannot achieve something great. As long as you think you can do something, you can do it. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57280" count="76"] Interpretation: When you tell others what you want/believe, you are also telling yourself what you want/believe. Don’t limit yourself by having a small vision. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="5048" count="77"] Interpretation: Rivers is joking about how infrequently she does housework. This funny quote starts off with the typical complaints we often hear about what a chore housework is, but then it takes an unexpected twist when she indicates that she only does housework twice a year. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57282" count="78"] Interpretation: Once you decide on a plan of action, you become less afraid.; simply realizing what you must do gets rid of your fear. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19927" count="79"] Interpretation: My love for your increases every day. This means I love you more today than I did yesterday, and that tomorrow I will love you more than I did today. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19935" count="80"] Interpretation: I love you more every day. This means I love you more than I did yesterday, and that tomorrow I will love you more than I did today. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19942" count="81"] Interpretation: It may seem to defy common sense, but if you love so much that it brings you pain, you will no longer feel pain, just love itself. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="18227" count="82"] Interpretation: Among the Iroquois, group of tribes of indigenous North Americans, leaders consider past and future generations when making their decisions, taking care not to repeat the mistakes of previous generations and not to adversely affect people in future generations. Unfortunately, most of today’s leader are not so conscientious with their decision-making. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="15177" count="83"] Interpretation: Do not underestimate the power that a small group of concerned, diligent members of society can wield on the world. In fact, these small groups of people are the only forces that have ever brought about societal change. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="5024" count="84"] Interpretation: Men are typically less interested in older women, or so the stereotype goes. The way around this, says Christie, is for a woman to marry an archaeologist. (Because archaeologists are interested in old things … get it?) [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57287" count="85"] Interpretation: To be a good teacher, the most important thing is to be prepared, but you also need to have the traits of a good actor who is putting on a show — for example, you need to be able to command the students’ attention by being entertaining. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="19278" count="86"] Interpretation: Be brave enough to live the life you want to live. At the end of your life, you don’t want to realize that your life could have been better if you had only been more courageous. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57289" count="87"] Interpretation: Don’t look for others to boost your self-esteem. It is not the responsibility of other people to like you and make you feel good about yourself; this is your responsibility. [/include-posts] [include-posts id="57291" count="88"] Interpretation: When people started calling each other instead of writing letters (generally, in the early part of the 20th century), interpersonal communications lost some of their depth and permanence. One benefit of a letter that a phone call does not provide is the ability to experience it again by rereading it. [/include-posts]