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The first follower is actually an underestimated form of leadership in itself. … The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader.


“How to Start a Movement.” TED2010. Feb. 2010. Conference Presentation.

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To be the first person to follow someone’s lead takes courage; like the starter of a movement, being the first joiner of a new movement may subject you to ridicule or other risks — that is the meaning of this quote from entrepreneur Derek Sivers’ TEDTalk “How to Start a Movement.” In this Talk, Sivers goes on to say that if you really care about a movement, you should have the courage to be an early follower. He illustrates this point by showing a video of a dance movement getting started.

Watch the full TEDTalk here: Derek Sivers – How to Start a Movement

“How to Start a Movement.” TED2010. Feb. 2010. Conference Presentation.

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