Of the 6,000 languages spoken on Earth right now, 3,000 aren’t spoken by the children. In one generation, we’re going to halve our cultural diversity.

Phil Borges

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“Photos of Endangered Cultures.” TED2006. Feb. 2006. Conference Presentation.

Source: "Photos of Endangered Cultures." TED2006. Feb. 2006. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote is from photographer Phil Borges' 2006 TED Talk, in which he shares the stories and photographs of endangered cultures he has encountered in his travels. The quote is a statistic first presented by MIT linguist Ken Hale. Says Borges, Hale went on to say that every two weeks, an elder goes to the grave carrying the last spoken word of that culture. This means that when a language dies out, so does part of the culture it belongs to. Watch the illuminating TED Talk here: Phil Borges - Photos of Endangered Cultures