Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

Robert Brault

Quotation #982

About This Quote

Reader’s Digest. “Quotable Quotes.” September, 1986.

Source: Reader's Digest. "Quotable Quotes." September, 1986. Additional Information: This quote, which advises the reader to appreciate life's small pleasures, is often misattributed to the writer Kurt Vonnegut. However, the true author is the freelance writer Robert Brault. Brault's quote was originally published in The National Enquirer in 1985 and later reprinted by Reader’s Digest's "Quotable Quotes" in September 1986. Many anthologies, including Book of Positive Quotations (1997), have also published the quote. While attributed to Brault in all of these printed instances, many online sources incorrectly attribute the quote to Vonnegut.