The Harvard Business Review recently had an article called ‘The Human Moment,’ about how to make real contact with a person at work: … The fundamental thing you have to do is turn off your BlackBerry, close your laptop, end your daydream and pay full attention to the person.

Daniel Goleman

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“Why Aren’t We More Compassionate?” TED2007. Mar. 2007. Conference Presentation.

Source: "Why Aren't We More Compassionate?" TED2007. Mar. 2007. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote by psychologist and author Daniel Goleman means that in order to have true communication with another person, you need to put away distractions, such as smartphones, computers, and even distracting thoughts, and give the person your full attention. The quote is from Goleman's 2007 TED Talk on compassion. Watch the full TED Talk here: Daniel Goleman - Why Aren't We More Compassionate?