If someone tries to sell you something with a brain on it … ask to see the evidence. Ask for the part of the story that's not being told.

Molly Crockett

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“Beware Neuro-Bunk.” TEDSalon London Fall 2012. Nov. 2012. Conference Presentation.

Source: "Beware Neuro-Bunk." TEDSalon London Fall 2012. Nov. 2012. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote is from neuroscientist Molly Crockett's 2012 TED Talk about how scientific research is often used in a manipulative and misleading way for marketing purposes. One way marketers manipulate people using science is by showing a picture of a brain next to scientific claims about a product -- this has been proven to make people more inclined to believe whatever claims are made. The quote means that if you see a product with a picture of a brain on it, you shouldn't automatically believe the claims the marketers are making of the product; rather, you should look for evidence that such claims are true. Watch the full TED Talk here: Molly Crockett - Beware Neuro-Bunk