Sound is complex. There are many countervailing influences. It can be a bit like a bowl of spaghetti: sometimes you just have to eat it and see what happens.

Julian Treasure

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“The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us.” TEDGlobal 2009. Jul. 2009. Conference Presentation.

Source: "The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us." TEDGlobal 2009. Jul. 2009. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote means that the way sound affects us is complicated, because there are many conflicting forces at play in a single sound; like a bowl of spaghetti, sound contains many different ingredients that cause varied nuanced reactions. The quote is from sound consultant Julian Treasure's 2009 TED Talk on the ways that sound affects people. Watch the full TED Talk here: Julian Treasure - The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us