If we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average.

Shawn Achor

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“The Happy Secret to Better Work.” TEDxBloomington. May 2011. Conference Presentation

Source: "The Happy Secret to Better Work." TEDxBloomington. May 2011. Conference Presentation Additional Information: In this quote, positive psychologist Shawn Achor is talking about scientific research and the implications of the results it yields. Specifically in the field of psychology, Achor says that science mainly looks at averages because the assumed desired outcome is for people to be average, or "normal." But, according to Achor, we should set our sights higher; we should strive to become above average, and our research should seek out this potential in people. In terms of research, this means that positive outliers should not be deleted, but should be researched further so they can be emulated. In the TEDTalk from which this quote was pulled, Achor proceeds to explain how this principle, which is the goal of a branch of psychology called "positive psychology" can be applied to the workplace. Watch the full TEDTalk here: Shawn Achor - The Happy Secret to Better Work