Babies all over the world are what I like to describe as ‘citizens of the world.’ They can discriminate all the sounds of all languages, no matter what country we’re testing and what language we’re using.

Patricia Kuhl

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“The Linguistic Genius of Babies.” TEDxRainier. Oct. 2010. Conference Presentation.

Source: "The Linguistic Genius of Babies." TEDxRainier. Oct. 2010. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: According to this quote from language expert Patricia Kuhl, infants are able to distinguish the unique sounds that make up any language they hear -- unlike adults. In other words, babies' brains are very elastic when it comes to learning language, and they become less so over time. This quote is from Kuhl's 2010 TED Talk on how babies acquire language. Watch the full TED Talk here: Patricia Kuhl - The Linguistic Genius of Babies