Boys’ brains are being digitally rewired for change, novelty, excitement and constant arousal. That means they’re totally out of sync in traditional classes, which are analog, static, interactively passive.

Philip Zimbardo

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“The Demise of Guys?” TED2011. Mar. 2011. Conference Presentation.


"The Demise of Guys?" TED2011. Mar. 2011. Conference Presentation.

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This quote by psychologist Philip Zimbardo is from his 2011 TED Talk on why boys are not doing as well as girls in education or other areas. As a result of excessive online pornography watching and video game playing, Zimbardo explains in this Talk, more boys are dropping out of school and finding themselves unable to interact successfully with members of the opposite sex.

The quote means that technology (such as Internet pornography and games) is changing the brains of young men in such a way that primes them to expect constant stimulation; however, the classroom environment does not provide this stimulation.

Watch the full TED Talk here: Philip Zimbardo - The Demise of Guys?