Child mortality [since 2000 is] down by 2.65 million a year. That's a rate of 7,256 children's lives saved each day. … It drives me nuts that most people don't seem to know this news.

Paul David Hewson (Bono)

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“The Good News on Poverty (Yes, There’s Good News).” TED2013. Feb. 2013. Conference Presentation.

Source: "The Good News on Poverty (Yes, There's Good News)." TED2013. Feb. 2013. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote is from U2 frontman Bono's 2013 TED Talk in which he shares some encouraging statistics illustrating successes in the war against poverty. The quote means that the child death rates have dropped considerably in the past decade and a half; however, most people are unaware of this fact. Watch the full TED Talk here: Bono - The Good News About Poverty (Yes, There's Good News)