The circumstances of our lives actually matter less to our happiness than the sense of control we feel over our lives.

Rory Sutherland

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“Perspective Is Everything.” TEDxAthens. Dec. 2011. Conference Presentation.

Source: "Perspective Is Everything." TEDxAthens. Dec. 2011. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: According to this quote from advertising expert and blogger Rory Sutherland, contrary to popular opinion, the sense of power we have over our lives influences our level of happiness more-so than the actual events in our lives. One of the examples Sutherland gives is that among retired people and unemployed people who both have little money and lots of free time, retired people are much happier because they feel a sense of control over their circumstances, whereas unemployed people feel that they are stuck in their current predicament against their will. The quote is from Sutherland's 2011 TED Talk about how reframing is the key to happiness. Watch the full TED Talk here: Rory Sutherland - Perspective Is Everything