Facts, like people, want to be free — and when they're free, liberty is usually around the corner.

Paul David Hewson (Bono)

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Source: "The Good News on Poverty (Yes, There's Good News)." TED2013. Feb. 2013. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote by U2 frontman Bono is from his 2013 TED Talk in which he shares inspiring information indicating that the end of poverty may be in sight. The quote means that important information will inevitably come to light and be known. Once this information is uncovered, it will have a liberating effect on the people whom it concerns. Specifically, Bono is talking about information that affects how people live, such as that which led to the Arab Spring revolution of 2011. Watch the full TED Talk here: Bono - The Good News on Poverty (Yes, There's Good News)