I’m both challenged and excited. My excitement is: I get a chance to give something back. My challenge is: The shortest seminar I usually do is 50 hours.

Anthony Robbins

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“Why We Do What We Do.” TED2006. Feb. 2006. Conference Presentation.

Source: "Why We Do What We Do." TED2006. Feb. 2006. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote is from a 2006 TED Talk given by Anthony ("Tony") Robbins. The Talk is on the invisible forces that motivate people's behavior. Robbins, one of the most famous motivational speakers, is saying that while he is excited to speak at TED, it will be difficult for him because the brief TED Talk format deviates significantly from his standard mode of presentation -- days'-long seminars. Watch the full TED Talk here: Tony Robbins - Why We Do What We Do