The price to sequence a base [of the human genome] has fallen 100 million times. That’s the equivalent of you filling up your car with gas in 1998, waiting until 2011, and now you can drive to Jupiter and back twice.

Richard Resnick

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“Welcome to the Genomic Revolution.” TEDxBoston 2011. Jul. 2011. Conference Presentation.

Source: "Welcome to the Genomic Revolution." TEDxBoston 2011. Jul. 2011. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote means that the cost of DNA sequencing -- technology in which human genes are analyzed, generally for medical research purposes -- has dropped by an incredible amount since the technology was created. This has significant implications for health care, farming, insurance, and more. The quote is from Richard Resnick's 2011 TED Talk about the "genomic revolution." Watch the full TED Talk here: Richard Resnick - Welcome to the Genomic Revolution