A world without love is a deadly place.

Helen Fisher

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“Why We Love, Why We Cheat.” TED2006. Feb. 2006. Conference Presentation.

Source: "Why We Love, Why We Cheat." TED2006. Feb. 2006. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote, taken from anthropologist Helen Fisher's 2006 TED Talk on love and infidelity, means that since love is the tie that binds people together, a world where love doesn't exist would be a dangerous place to live -- because we would have no bonds with other people to protect us. Specifically, in this part of the Talk, Fisher is discussing how certain types of antidepressants threaten romance and desire by suppressing the brain's dopamine system as well as inhibiting the sex drive. Watch the full TED Talk here: Helen Fisher - Why We Love, Why We Cheat