You don’t think of Shakespeare being a child, do you? Shakespeare being seven? He was seven at some point. He was in somebody’s English class, wasn’t he? How annoying would that be?

Ken Robinson

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“How Schools Kill Creativity.” TED2006. Feb. 2006. Conference Presentation.

Source: "How Schools Kill Creativity." TED2006. Feb. 2006. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This humorous quote by creativity expert Ken Robinson is from Robinson's 2006 TED Talk about how the modern education system discourages creativity. Robinson says in this Talk that he believes that all children are born artists, but they are "educated out of" being artistic. Of course, some children are more artistic than others, such as Shakespeare as a child, for example. In this quote, Robinson humorously points out how irritating it would have been to have a seven-year-old Shakespeare in your English class, seeing as he would have been far smarter than everyone else (including, probably, the teacher). Watch the full TED Talk here: Ken Robinson - How Schools Kill Creativity