People who say … they're perfectly fine [are] more insane than the rest of us.

Ruby Wax

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“What’s So Funny About Mental Illness?” TEDGlobal 2012. Jun. 2012. Conference Presentation.

Source: "What's So Funny About Mental Illness?" TEDGlobal 2012. Jun. 2012. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote by comedian Ruby Wax is from her 2012 TED Talk about her experience with clinical depression. The quote means that individuals who claim to be the happiest and most well-adjusted are often the ones with the worst mental health. Says Wax, few people are truly happy. Humans did not evolve to thrive in our current unnatural society, and this incongruence makes us prone to mental illness. Wax warns that if we don't talk about our problems and learn how to deal with our lives, the prevalence of mental illness will increase further. Watch the full TED Talk here: Ruby Wax - What's So Funny About Mental Illness?