Romantic love is an addiction: a perfectly wonderful addiction when it’s going well, and a perfectly horrible addiction when it’s going poorly.

Helen Fisher

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“The Brain in Love.” TED2008. Feb. 2008. Conference Presentation.

Source: "The Brain in Love." TED2008. Feb. 2008. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote from anthropologist Helen Fisher likens love to an addiction; thus, the feeling of being in love is similar to what one might feel when dependent on a drug -- it makes you feel euphoric when it's going well, and it puts you in the throes of depression when it's going badly. In the TED Talk this quote is from, Fisher goes on to explain that love has the three hallmarks of addiction: tolerance (you need more and more of the person) withdrawal (you feel pain and depression if you can't see the person) and relapse (you try to no longer be in love with the person, but your passion for them is eventually reignited). Fisher's TED Talk primarily focuses on the chemical processes that occur in the brain when one is in love. Watch the full TED Talk here: Helen Fisher - The Brain in Love