Ten years ago, when I was on an airplane and I introduced myself to my seatmate, and told them [I was a psychologist], they’d move away from me. … And now when I tell people what I do, they move toward me.

Martin Seligman

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“The New Era of Positive Psychology.” TED2004. Feb. 2004. Conference Presentation.

Source: "The New Era of Positive Psychology." TED2004. Feb. 2004. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote describes the change in the public's attitude about psychology over time: According to positive psychology founder Martin Seligman, psychology used to be viewed as a negative thing that people wanted to distance themselves from, while today, people view it as something positive and interesting. The quote is from Seligman's 2004 TED Talk on the current state of the field of psychology. Watch the full TED Talk here: Martin Seligman - The New Era of Positive Psychology