Mind training is based on the idea that two opposite mental factors cannot happen at the same time. You could go from love to hate. But you cannot, at the same time — toward the same object, the same person — want to harm and want to do good.

Matthieu Ricard

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“The Habits of Happiness.” TED2004. Feb. 2004. Conference Presentation.

Source: "The Habits of Happiness." TED2004. Feb. 2004. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: In this quote, biochemist and Buddhist monk Matthiew Ricard explains that mind training, or meditation, uses the principle that you cannot experience opposite emotions at the same time. Thus, by focusing on positive emotions, such as love, we are able to counteract and transform negative emotions, such as hate. The quote is from Ricard's 2004 TED Talk about attaining happiness. Watch the full TED Talk here: Matthieu Ricard - The Habits of Happiness