Since we took to the sky, we have wanted to fly faster and farther. And to do so, we've had to believe in impossible things and we've had to refuse to fear failure.

Regina Dugan

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“From Mach-20 Glider to Hummingbird Drone.” TED2012. Mar. 2012. Conference Presentation.

Source: "From Mach-20 Glider to Hummingbird Drone." TED2012. Mar. 2012. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote from Regina Dugan, director of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), means that since humankind developed the first aircraft, we have wanted to create faster and more powerful airplanes. In order to make these dreams a reality, we have had to expand our imaginations and our faith in our ability to make our visions come true; we have also had to overcome the fear of failure. This quote is from Dugan's inspirational 2012 TED Talk about the projects her agency has created by refusing to fear failure. Watch the full TED Talk here: Regina Dugan - From Mach-20 Glider to Hummingbird Drone