There is no point and that there doesn’t have to be a point. We don’t need a reason. As long as it’s fun.

Charlie Todd

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“The Shared Experience of Absurdity.” TEDxBloomington. May 2011. Conference Presentation.

Source: "The Shared Experience of Absurdity." TEDxBloomington. May 2011. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote is from a 2011 TED Talk given by Charlie Todd, the creator of Improv Everywhere, a group that creates absurd public scenes. The quote is about Improv Everywhere: Todd is saying that the group has no specific purpose, other than to have fun. The connotation behind this quote is that things don't always need to have a "point" or "reason" for existing; sheer enjoyment of the said thing can be reason enough. Watch the full TED Talk here: Charlie Todd - The Shared Experience of Absurdity