We should spend less time at universities filling our students' minds with content by lecturing at them, and more time igniting their creativity … by actually talking with them.

Daphne Koller

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“What We’re Learning from Online Education.” TEDGlobal 2012. Jun. 2012. Conference Presentation.

Source: "What We're Learning from Online Education." TEDGlobal 2012. Jun. 2012. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: According to this quote from Stanford professor Daphne Koller, colleges should focus less on lecturing and having students memorize facts, and place a greater focus on interactive teaching techniques that stimulate students' imaginations. In the TED Talk this quote is from, Koller encourages universities to participate in online education by putting their courses on the Internet. Watch the full TED Talk here: Daphne Koller - What We're Learning from Online Education