By visualizing information, we turn it into a landscape that you can explore with your eyes, a sort of information map. And when you’re lost in information, an information map is kind of useful.

David McCandless

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“The Beauty of Data Visualization.” TEDGlobal 2010.  Jul. 2010. Conference Presentation.

Source: "The Beauty of Data Visualization." TEDGlobal 2010.  Jul. 2010. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote by data journalist David McCandless is from his 2010 TED Talk on the value of putting data into diagrams that provide a visual presentation of trends. The quote means that diagrams which allow us to visualize information are like maps, in that they allow us to navigate through otherwise confusing data and provide a way of understanding it. Watch the full TED Talk here: David McCandless - The Beauty of Data Visualization