Educators don't necessarily have to teach. Instead, they can provide an environment and resources that tease out your natural ability to learn on your own.

Shimon Schocken

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“The Self-Organizing Computer Course.” TEDGlobal 2012. Jun. 2012. Conference Presentation.

Source: "The Self-Organizing Computer Course." TEDGlobal 2012. Jun. 2012. Conference Presentation. Additional Information: This quote by computer science professor Shimon Schocken is from Schocken's 2012 TED Talk about an online course he helped design that teaches students how to build a computer. With this quote, Schocken is saying that teachers don't necessarily need to provide students with information, i.e., they don't need to teach in the traditional sense of the word; rather, they can just provide students with the space and tools they need to learn on their own. This type of learning environment teaches the important values of self-study and self-empowerment, says Schocken. Watch the full TED Talk here: Shimon Schocken - The Self-Organizing Computer Course